Ignorance Is Bliss

They say that ignorance is bliss.  It is only in recent years that I understand this age old adage.  With knowledge comes responsibility.  Knowledge of creation and a Creator.  Knowledge of good and evil.  Knowledge of truth and lies.  If you love your family or your neighbors, then knowledge brings a burden that is sometimes overwhelming.

While the burden is one of love, it is frequently difficult to bear.  We struggle too hard to seemingly lift the load on our own.  But He said, “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.  So as an overarching point to this discussion, I will admit to wanting to be in control when I know that I am not in control.

So now, we (you and I) find ourselves in an interesting time.  A time in which the leadership of the United States of America targets and lies to the very citizens who hired them to represent us with honor and integrity.  A time in which the leadership has used the tactic of creating division amongst the people and then pitting one group against another, only to pretend to be the savior of each individual people group.  This administration is purposefully deceptive to gain and maintain power.

It is up to you to continue in your bliss, ignorant to the events around you, hoping to get through this life, or to gain knowledge and join your brother in the hard work of truth telling.  If you choose to tell the truth, be prepared.  You will be stepping into the sights of those who deceive to maintain power and control.


About Barry Holstein (@vet4change)

I am a retired US Army veteran who believes that God, Family, and Country are important.
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